About Us, A Family Man.

Hi there! My name is Jared and I am a happily married man with a couple of weird but great kids. My wife and I met when we were in high school, though we did not start dating until after college. Why I waited so long to realize how great she is, I don’t know!

We have been happily married for several years now, and both of the children are a blessing to us. We spend a lot of time together and travel regularly. We have taken trips across the country several different times, visiting all of the most popular sites.

The year we went to the nation’s capital, we had an excellent time checking out the Smithsonian and several historic sites. The kids were kind of young then, so we are considering making another trip there within the next couple of years.

The Grand Canyon was great, but I think the kids love going to the theme parks the most. It is a lot of fun for my wife and me to see them having so much fun with all of the characters that they have there. Not to mention that the rides are always great excitement.

Right now, we are working on some home renovations. We sold our old house and bought this one, knowing that it needed some fixing up. But it is in a great school district, and the kids are doing well with all of the kids and their studies. It is close to my work, and my wife works from home.

We started with the kitchen by putting in all new energy efficient appliances. That project is now complete, so we have moved on to the main bathroom. Although I would like to do the master bath first, the main one needed some new plumbing fixtures. Once it is complete, I hope to tackle ours next project!

I love my family so much and am so glad that we have a home that we all appreciate. The kids are taken care of and close to school while my wife and I have everything that we need to be happy as well. Once this bathroom remodels is done, our home will be in much better shape than it was when we moved in six months ago. I am glad that we decided to make this change in residence!

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