Summer is here | Trying low VOC paint in our home renovation project.

Hi fellow reader, we will be applying low VOC paint for our home renovation project. I will let you know how the process goes but in the mean time here is a quick update. Enjoy!

Summer is fast approaching here in Canada, and I hope you are getting excited about the warm weather. Summer for us only last’s about 3-4 months with two months of really, really nice weather. The spring and fall are pleasant but we the weather doesn’t often cooperate. Although I would say, my favorite season is the fall due to leaves changing color. Often time my family and I will go on drives on the back roads and enjoy the beautiful colors mother nature is giving us.

Us Canadians love to get outdoors as much as we can, everything kicks off in June, families start to move around, festivals are happening all over the place. Also, another huge upside now is if you are in America and want to visit Canada then now is the time. As I write this in May 2017 the exchange rate is 1.37 for Americans. Therefore for every U.S. dollar, your exchange in return you will get $1.37 Canadian to spend up here which is amazing. If you plan on coming up to Ontario, I would highly recommend you visit wine country down in the Niagra Falls region. Or our capital city Toronto (haha just kidding it’s Ottawa) as there is always something going on there in one of Canada’s largest cities. Here is a list of events happening around Ontario if you decide to come up.low VOC paint

Anyways, our renovation on our family home is coming along quite nicely. Going one step at a time, we are still finishing up the kitchen. As of right now, we are picking colors with kitchen which is an over a whelming process, or maybe I just don’t have the eye for it. My wife is excellent in picking colors, but she is always on Pinterest looking up ideas for our home renovation. I guess that’s the cool thing about technology and the Internet is you can pull a lot of different ideas in short amount time. As my wife is picking the colors, I am deciding the best type of paint to use. So far the Eco-select interior latex paint from Sherwin Williams looks very promising. I was talking with our local contractor who will apply the paint he said it is very durable and the kids marking up it will wash up easy. Also when you apply low VOC paint there won’t be that fresh paint smell which is good since we are living the home. Another great thing about this paint is it has low VOC which means the smell that much when you apply it.

That’s it for my update today. I hope you enjoy this blog if you have any ideas about what kind of tiling we should use, please leave it in the comments below. Also if you decide to go to any of the festivals Ontario, I would love to hear about which ones were your favorite.

Thanks for reading and happy travels/home projects.

Here is a map of Guelph Painters and local paint suppliers.


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