New kitchen sink plumbing fixture – the down and dirty

Our new kitchen sink plumbing fixture, here is how we chose it, the style we liked and the benefits.

High-End Sink’s Are Always Worth The Price

I’m not going to say it was the easiest process, but we’ve finally gotten our home renovations started. It was a nightmare trying to decide precisely what parts of the kitchen needed to be changed, what we wanted to keep, and the overall design. Even thinking about it is causing me to seize up a bit!

One of the tougher things we had to decide was plumbing. Specifically, the sink. A sink is a fairly major part of a good kitchen, so we had to decide what we were going to do. There were the obvious decisions we had to make, such as brass or stainless steel. There was the type of sink. And then there was the quality of our choices.

Copper vs. Brass

Brass sinks are great for the right decorating. For example, if we had decided to go with wood panel and “1930’s smoky bar” vibe with our decorating, a brass sink would have been great.

However, we agreed that would be an odd choice for a kitchen décor. Not only that, but brass has a tendency to not hold up to moisture over time. The last thing we needed was rust or something worse to get in our water. So we went with stainless steel.

Style of kitchen sinkStylish sink and faucet

There’s a number of styles we could have chosen. My wife wanted a more decorative sink. She pointed to some with a more “flowing” nozzle than the traditional type of faucet. We also had to decide on how shallow we wanted the sink bed.

We didn’t go with the flowing nozzle, but only because we felt it didn’t fit the overall design we’d chosen. We looked at some faucets that had great water pressure, it was just that none of them looked good in our kitchen. We also don’t tend to have dishes pile up, so we went with a more shallow pan. It made things look elegant.

Price and Quality

So then we had a few options. The contractor showed us some budget models of the kind of sink we chose. They were good sinks, don’t get me wrong. Or at least, they were good sinks for the price.

We’d decided on getting a good budget model sink when we’d done the bathroom renovation not too long ago. And our experience wasn’t exactly good. The parts tended to go out, leading to a lot of leaks. I think I’ve had to repair the faucet on our bathroom sink a dozen times in the past three years. I’m sure our local plumber loved coming to repair the bathroom sink, but my pocket book didn’t have the same opinion :|.

We finally decided that the higher end sink was worth it. The simple fact is that budget models aren’t cheap because the manufacturer loves making money. They’re cheap because they’re usually cheaply made.

I’m pretty happy with our decision. The kitchen sink is installed and working great, and I can tell just by turning it on that it’s a better piece of plumbing in our home. Yeah, it cost more. And yes, it would have been great if I could have put that extra money into a better refrigerator or stove. But in the long run, it’s going to save me money.

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