Best Drywall Contractor for your home.

How to hire the best drywall contractor for you home renovation project or new home build.

Drywalling, like painting, is a very labor-intensive task. Better let the professional do the job for you. It involves two separate jobs. First is the cutting, shaping, and putting the panels in the right place, then fastening them securely. The last part is the taping of the seams and then seal both the tape and screw heads with a drywall compound.

I recently had the need for a local drywall contractor and was very satisfied with the work done. I had one room added to my house; I needed the extra space to serve as my office so I can work from home. Below is the account of my drywall experience.
Intalling drywall in Guelph ontario
1. Before I chose the contractor to do the job, I first assess the extent of what I want to be done. Of course, since I know that the entire room needs drywalling, I better let the experts do the job for me. I then search the internet for qualified drywall companies and check information with regards to customer reviews, if available.

2. I selected three contractors based on the reviews I have seen on the web. I set an appointment with each of them and chose the one with the most experience. It’s a bit pricey versus the other two that I didn’t select, but I know the end will justify the cost.

There are just two rules where I based my evaluation. First is the whether they have fully licensed and if they comply with the local regulations. And the last one is the length of years the company has been doing their business. I opted for the one with longer experience (all of them have updated licenses).

3. After agreeing to the estimate they presented, I made sure that the timeframe, price, the materials specified, and even the workman’s liability insurance were in order. Please be guided that the timeframe they give you are just estimates. There a lot of things to consider, some of which are out of anybody’s control.

I ended up going with the local contractor in my area, they are professionals at hanging and mudding drywall in Guelph, Ontario. I encourage you to check out their website and find one with the similar qualifications in your area. You can also have a look at their facebook page for drywall and repair where you mind find a few tips. My home office getting drywall in guelph

The drywalling in my new office took a week to finish. It was within the timeframe that the contractors estimated and I was happy with the outcome.

Here are a few takeaways I want to share. It is a good idea to ask for personal references from your friends. Their input gives more value than any customer reviews you can find on the web. Also, never move forward with any contractor without signing the service contract for the job (and the complete details are indicated), so you are well-protected.

Best of luck and leave a comment below if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.

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